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Ukrainian SaaS platform – smart website builder, project of  Template Monster companies looking for CEO who will supervise a team of over 50 people and synchronize their work across 6 departments – Development, Marketing, HR, Sales, Studio and Support advancing the project further on the market in terms of revenue and added value for customer.


  • Sense of what customers / market needs at current time;
  • Experience in management of 50+ people teams;
  • Ability to verbally communicate with small business owners (mostly in US);
  • Ability to understand which features the project needs;
  • Good English skills;
  • Leadership qualities to motivate the team go an extra mile when it is really needed.


  • First and foremost — to ensure smooth operations within the company (by preventing or mitigating bottlenecks);
  • Include stakeholders’ vision into a strategic roadmap and the product;
  • Plan the roadmap of the project implementation, monitor results at each stage;
  • Audit the departments of the company (support, sales, marketing, hr, financial departments);
  • Manage plan deviations and forecast delivery dates based on project performance;
  • Identify, analyze and prevent risks. Plan and implement activities aimed at eliminating and minimizing existing or potential risks;
  • Plan and manage communication with all project’s stakeholders;
  • Provide proactive resolutions to developing problems, and suggest modifications that may result in a permanent fix to a problem;
  • Plan the workload of your team;
  • Lead and motivate teams to achieve objectives and safeguard effective service delivery;
  • Manage project budget, scope, and quality.

They are ready to offer:

  • Competitive salary with bonuses for KPI achievement;
  • An opportunity to develop yourself as a professional by handling complicated cases;
  • The dynamic startup-like culture among the team of experienced specialists;
  • 50% of taxes coverage;
  • 3 calendar weeks of vacation + 1 week of sick leave.

Send your CVs to Telegeram @perrehod or cv@4team.com.ua

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