Transformative Events

The team’s ability to achieve strategic goals depends on three components: coordination of actions, awareness of the value of everyone’s contribution, and belief in success. We call this synergy.

The easiest way to achieve team synergy and implement change is through dedicated transformational activities. Such events make it possible in an unobtrusive format to achieve results quickly and permanently consolidate them.

12 yearsπŸ…
Experience in event-management and teams transformations
45% πŸ“ˆ
Average team performance growth after events
1 year πŸ‘
During this time, the team easily maintains the achieved result

Our goal is to achieve synergy, implement and consolidate changes in the work process of your team.

When developing an event, we involve recognized experts. Our team consists of businessmen, owners, managers with over 25 years of business experience and over 50 successful national and international projects.

Our experts are Ukrainian and international business forums speakers, as well as methodologists and participants in such well-known educational projects as Market Battle, P2P Camp, and many others.


Types of Transformative events

Personal growth programs, coaching, mentoring
Skills development training
Clubs and team development programs (corporate theater, book club & others)
πŸ–₯ & 🀝
Online & offline Transformative events
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Strategic sessions
Facilitation and Reflexive Games
Team building games
Points that can be perfected by your team:
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    Strategic development objectives
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    Mission, Vision, Values, Principles
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    Company growth plan (actions, responsibilities, and deadlines)
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    Work plan, analytical and creative sessions
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    Breaking of team and product development barriers
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    Ways of the "transitional" operation (when old projects have already ended, and new ones have not yet begun or funds have not been received)
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    Roles, areas of responsibility in the team
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    Revealing contradictions, introducing constructive non-conflict communications, team building
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    Business processes optimization
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    Creating business situations necessary to implement changes in real business processes
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    Methods of horizontal communication between managers, without the regular involvement of owners
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    Mechanisms for owner getting rid of routine work and much more

Frequently asked Questions

How much does a Transformative Event cost?

Each event is evaluated individually based on your needs, format, and team size. You can contact us for more details in telegram or by phone +38 096 077 79 55.

What is the difference between TE and a corporate event?

Transformative Events are aimed at creating the essentials for change, overcoming conflicts in the group, or solving any other requests for team development.

What team size is appropriate for TE?

The size of the team is not limited, but depending on the format and specific requests, large teams can be divided into groups for efficiency.

Will TE help to learn how to conduct brainstorms?

Yes, it sure will. We have types of activities that will help to conduct effective brainstorms within the team, produce decisions more quickly and efficiently, and much more.

How to understand what type of event we need?

The main thing is to understand your request and what you want to improve in your team’s work. We will offer you the type, format, and theme of the event, which will be most effective for solving your request. If you understand that you need changes – but the request is not formalized – contact us, we will help you with it.

Can you make an outdoor event or event abroad?

Yes, we do outdoor events and abroad events, as well as online events.

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