We provide an HR-audit, build processes, communication, and a motivation system.

An audit of the HR-management system is necessary for your company to develop. Its main goal is to find and fix errors in work with human resources that are preventing your business from growing.

Our experts have strong experience in building and setting up businesses of various sizes - from startups to large corporations. We will help you to analyze, build and optimize HR, business processes, and communications; develop and implement programs for adaptation, assessment, training, and employee development, as well as KPI / OKR to more effectively achieve the goals set for the business.

HR audit will help you to find answers and make decisions on issues such as:
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    Why does the company have difficulties in recruiting new employees and why do key specialists leave? How do you retain key talent?
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    Why are employees involved poorly in work and not ready to take responsibility?
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    Are the team is oversized? How can you reduce human resources costs and optimize your work without sacrificing productivity?
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    Which of the employees is overworked, and who, on the contrary, has the resource to complete additional tasks?
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    Who in the team is appropriate for the position and who is not?
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    Why are employees unwilling/afraid to grow? What to do about it? How to improve the qualifications of employees?
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    Why is the motivation system not working?
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    Why are leaders failing to meet the challenge? Why are they overwhelmed?
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    What prevents you from quickly implementing changes in the company? Why is the company slowing down in growth?
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    Does the company need a clear organizational structure? And how will it help increase productivity?
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    How to set up HR processes? What is important and what is not? Do you need to hire our internal HR-manager? What do you need to set up and control processes?
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    Are employees satisfied with their work and leadership style?

What does HR-audit include?

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    A full audit of all internal HR processes

    Goal: analysis of the actual HR system state and its ability to effectively build teamwork and generate income.

    Result: a detailed report with HR system assessment; recommendations and an action plan for the improvement and implementation of working process with employees, adjusted for your business, management style, and corporate culture.

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    The clear organizational structure of the company.

    Goal: To understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current org. structures, which areas can be optimized and/or decreased without loss of performance.

    Result: recommendations for optimizing org. structure of the company, with clear states of employees functionality; using of hidden resources; adapting the structure to the further growth of the company.

  • 3.
    Report on the quality of human capital and an action plan to improve it

    Goal: To understand which team members match their positions and who doesn’t; which of the employees is overloaded; are there hidden resources; what motivates employees; why the company isn’t developing at the planned pace; why it is difficult to implement changes; the level of loyalty and job satisfaction.

    Result: a detailed summary with specific recommendations and an action plan


  • 4.
    Key Specialist Job Profiles

    Goal: To understand real requirements for candidates, to form a detailed profile of the position of key specialists.

    Result: a professionally designed profile that describes: the position itself, functionality, and competencies that are necessary for the successful completion of tasks.

  • 5.
    Changes implementation support (if necessary)

    Goal: implementation of all previously formed recommendations.

    Result: business support for up to six months in the format of meetings, elaboration on new requests, assistance in introducing the changes.

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Frequently asked Questions

How much does an HR audit cost?

The cost of an HR audit varies greatly for different types of companies, requests, and team sizes. For information on the cost, please contact our manager in telegram or by phone +38 096 077 79 55.

Do you need an HR audit for a team of 30 people?

If your team is not yet so big, you probably don’t need to conduct a full HR-audit. If you need to make some adjustments to the team’s work, increase efficiency or resolve conflicts, we suggest that you conduct a Team Diagnostics. It will allow you to objectively analyze the situation and come to the necessary decisions. After that, it is possible to carry out the necessary Transformational events to implement and consolidate the changes.

How long does an HR-audit take?

The amount of time it takes to complete a full HR-audit varies greatly depending on the type of company, the size of the team, and how your HR processes have been set up in the past. A standard HR audit takes about a month.

Does it make sense to do an HR-audit if there is no HR specialist within the team?

If you are planning to grow your team or you need to make large-scale internal changes – most likely you will need an HR-audit. To get advice on this issue – contact us in telegram or by phone +38 096 077 79 55.

How does an HR audit work?

Usually, the HR-audit is carried out according to an agreed schedule in the form of online and offline meetings, depending on your request and your format of work.

Do you provide only recommendations or do you participate in the process as an internal HR?

During an HR-audit, our team members participate in the internal processes of your company, if necessary.

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