Team Diagnostics

Any team as its members develops according to the well-known scenarios of group dynamics and is in a constant cycle of ups and downs.

Determining the current state of the team and its members provides you with information to make decisions that allow you to avoid burnout and demotivation and instead – unite the team, set the vector for development, and increase efficiency.

Когда необходима диагностика команды?
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    your business is having difficulty introducing change or Growing Pain
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    your business has changed its development strategy and it is necessary to change the management model
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    the company has reached "the ceiling" in its niche and you are looking for solutions to overcome barriers that hinder the development
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    you are bringing a new product to market
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    your team has a lot of uncoordinated actions of employees, conflicts, while there are no clear business processes
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    your employees have decreased productivity and you feel their engagement is steadily decreasing
Types of researches
  • 1.
    Depth Personal Psychodiagnostics of each team member
    Identifies the level of loyalty and points of the motivation of the employee of the company, identifies areas of risk, compliance with the employee's position and role, development potential, and more.
  • 2.
    Team compatibility research
    Gives information about the stage of group dynamics, explicit and hidden leaders, conflicts, general moods, and actions necessary to increase the effectiveness of the team.
  • 3.
    Review-research of team disposition
    Short researches to track loyalty, engagement and prevent layoffs, burnouts, and team conflicts.
What will the team diagnostics reveal?
  • Issues in communications
  • Understanding and accepting company values by team members
  • Employees loyalty and engagement
  • The level of understanding and accepting team goals
  • Overall team mood
  • The level of understanding between team members
  • The level of the real workload of employees and the presence of additional/hidden resources
  • Reasons for the lack of proactivity among employees
  • Nominal and real team leaders
  • Toxic and unenthusiastic team members
  • The current state of team members and the degree of burnout
  • Problem points in business processes and management work
  • Compatibility of team members with each other
  • Managerial qualities of top management

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Frequently asked Questions

How much does team diagnostics cost?

The cost is different for different types of research. For information on the cost, please contact our manager in telegram or by phone +38 096 077 79 55.

How many steps does the team diagnostics need and how long does it take?

Team diagnostics can include The Depth Personal Psychodiagnostics for each team member, Team members compatibility research, and subsequent review-researches of team disposition. The Depth Personal Psychodiagnostics takes 2-3 hours for each member of your team and is carried out using online testing. Further, our professional psychodiagnostics create reports for each team member and a separate report on the team members’ compatibility. Depending on the number of team members, this can take from a week to several months (for very large teams).

Do you give recommendations on exact steps to achieve changes after receiving the research report?

Yes, the report contains recommendations for development opportunities. We also provide consultation on the diagnostic results.

Can you do team diagnostics remotely?

Team Diagnostics is carried out remotely with the help of online testing.

Does the diagnosis include only testing?

The team’s diagnostics is based on the Depth Personal Psychodiagnostics and includes online testing using 7 different methods. The uniqueness of the methodology is that we use several different methods for one research, which, with the help of cross-comparison of the results by an experienced psychoanalytic, give an assessment relevance of up to 98%.

What methods do you use to monitor team health?

Depending on the type of research and request, we use different sets of techniques, including:

  • The projective method of portraits by L. Sondi
  • The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) by R.B. Cattell
  • Questionnaire Leonhard-Schmishek-Müller, Accent-2-90 (accentuation test)
  • Luscher color test (paired)
  • and other

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