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Lightning-fast Headhunting / Recruitment

The main task of 4TEAM, as your partner, is to select those people who will not only perform the assigned tasks in a highly professional manner but will also naturally fit into the team. Both of these components must match for the successful development of your business.

Only 3 rotations on 75 filled up positions
C-level, Senior, and Middle filled vacancies
15 🏆
years of experience
13 🦸🏻‍♀️
team members

Our specialization:

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    IT, Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto, Digital, Marketing, Business Development

How We Work?

  • Dive deep into your business, focus its needs and requirements to find the best candidate for your open position
  • Define requirements to your candidates in the ultimately clean language
  • We deliver you the best result according to your terms and needs. Feel free from an exhausting routine by transferring recruitment to our specialists.

Frequently asked Questions

Which position levels you work with?

We are engaged in the recruitment and hunting the candidates of the C-level, Top, Senior and Middle levels.

How about any guarantees?

We work officially under a contract with you. We do not take prepayment. We give one warranty replacement in case our candidate has not passed the trial period.

How are you better than other HR-agencies?

We don’t talk about ourselves as the best. But we strive to bring recruitment and headhunting to the highest possible level of quality and be flexible and attentive to our clients.

How fast do you usually fill the vacancies?

On average, one Senior vacancy is closed within a month.

In which niches and for which projects do you recruit candidates?

We work with IT, Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto, Digital, Marketing, Business Development, Event, VR, E-commerce, and many others. We work with completely different projects from international traditional banks and crypto-exchanges to VR startups, marketing agencies, and large outsourcing IT companies.

How often do the selected candidates fail the probationary period?

Such situations are extremely rare. As our statistics show, no more than 3 times per 75 closed vacancies. You can be even more confident in candidates and reduce turnover in your company if you use the Depth Personal Psychodiagnostics when recruiting with us.

Call or chat with us

Viktor Perekhod

Phone: +38 096 077 79 55

Telegram chat: @hr_4team


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