Build your dream team with 4TEAM
Build your dream team with 4TEAM

Lightning-fast Headhunting / Recruitment

We find only the best and suitable candidates for your business needs.

Depth Personal Psychodiagnostics

We help you to unleash the potential and light up the new talents in your team. We provide you with full-range information about their skills and abilities, as well as possible weaknesses to improve your business effectiveness with the help of the 7-side cross-testing.

Create & Manage Remote Office

Today you need to be adapted and acclimatized to modern challenges. Prepare your business for any of them by assembling a remote office team to optimize your cost without effectiveness loss.

Team Diagnostic Assessment

Discover your team’s hidden potential and leaders. Screen their vibes and check the compatibility. Locate their risk zones and stages of the group dynamics. Team diagnosis will help you to take perfectly balanced decisions about the next steps to increase the team’s effectiveness without burning out or any sort of demotivation.

Transformative Events

Reach the best team synergy level and implement essential changes softly with the help of the special transformative events. They’ll help you to achieve any results quickly and effectively as well as nail them down.


We provide all the tools needed for your business: diagnostics of processes, functionality, communications, and personnel. We help you to build up an effective team and sound harmonious.

Career counseling for Teenagers

We want to do everything essential to help our children to grow into passionate, conscious, and confident people. We need to help them to choose their way and find their talents to save time in the future.

4TEAM are people who are driven to create the best teams and reveal the true purposes of everyone.

Who we are?
Жанна Капица CEO 4TEAM
Жанна Капица CEO 4TEAM

Zhanna Kapitsa

Our inspirer and CEO. She happily combines cool projects with the best talents and helps to create a symphony orchestra out of the team. Zhanna has over 15 years of experience as an HRD in IT, fintech, digital, crypto trading, -tech companies including large international businesses.

Her slogan is: “I do what I love and I love what I do”. Christian. Sportswoman. Pianist. Likes to travel. Volunteer and creator of a charity project.

Жанна Капица CEO 4TEAM
Жанна Капица CEO 4TEAM

Aleksandra Morozova

From ancient to the present day, the 7 liberal arts have been required for any educated person to study. Alexandra has mastered them all. She is an art director, creator, marketing manager, COO, designer, concept maker, and PRO writer.

She successfully cooperates and closes projects with major global brands. It brings advanced technologies to the masses, therefore it will clearly explain what blockchain, AI, e-sport are and what benefits they will bring to your business. Her motto is “Everything you imagine is real”.

Жанна Капица CEO 4TEAM
Жанна Капица CEO 4TEAM

Viktor Perekhod

Victor will successfully cope with any challenge: he worked as an auditor with KPMG, was an event manager at Citymetria, and BDM at RG Games. A person at the intersection of business, marketing, and communications. He sees the processes and people through and knows how to find an approach to any of them, making them accessible and understandable to each participant. He believes that “the devil is in the details” and “there is nothing more permanent than temporary”.

Practices yoga, active traveling and writes electronic music in his free time.

Катя Борисенко 4TEAM
Катя Борисенко 4TEAM
Катя Борисенко 4TEAM

Clients about us

Anna-Maria Sabov
IT HR Director
Partnership, client-oriented approach, humor in communication, as well as a sincere interest in your personality - this is my candidate's experience of cooperation with the 4team and @zhannakapitsa.
I am a very demanding candidate (from the HR sector who knows "how it should be" 😆), and I am also a partner for a recruiting agency. But I didn't find anything to complain about.

Many agencies "slack" at the stages of feedback or maintaining relationships in the process of communicating with the company. But in 4team there is no problem with this. Recommend if you want to feel like the best candidate ever 👌
Marushchak Ilya
PhD, Business development director в Kintaro Cells Power Corporation. Japan
Very professional and thoughtful.
Alex Kosenko
They are VERY cool!
I recommend!
Dmitry Lappo
a) Professionals!
b) Energizers!
c) Open and sincere!
and in general 🙂

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Phone: +38 096 077 79 55

Telegram-chat: @hr_4team


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